Join the Beta Launch of Magnetic Marketing Academy for Just $99

I've opened this beta launch of to a small group of my favorite people so you can be a part of the creation of this amazing course. As part of the beta community, you'll be getting an inside view as we record the trainings and an opportunity to ask questions during this important phase.

What you'll receive:

  • Invited to live zoom recordings of the course

  • 7 modules on brand building, social media marketing, content creation and more

  • Be the first cohort to see this new material and ask questions

  • Gain lifetime access to the content in our exclusive membership site

  • Ongoing access to trainings and updates

This price, quite honestly, is ridiculous, and if you're here considering it, do yourself a favor and check out now.

You will learn:

  • Personal Branding Coaching

  • Mindset principles and practices

  • Social media fundamentals - how to create great content that people engage with

  • Digging into biggest platforms - IG, FB and Titktok

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials on short form video, Canva/design

  • Live coaching sessions

  • Lifetime access to content and future updates and additions´╗┐

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